Monday, January 14, 2008


We became the envy of the whole neighborhood when the extreme makeover team of Tony, Evan, and Hannah came to our house. In 7 hours they transformed our ordinary mound of snow into a fantastic snow cave complete with tunnel and slide. Special thanks goes to Home Depot for the shovel, and Mother Nature for providing all the building supplies. Tours of the Extreme Snow Cave are at your own risk, and by appointment only.


carolinacarlsons said...

Very cool! We should have had the team to our house last week when we got 1/4 inch of snow to see what you could have made. Tyler and Danielle created a "snowbaby" and that used up all the snow in the front yard! Church was even cancelled because of that drastic storm! Go figure!!!

the firths said...

Once again, I'll repeat myself- the Vons have more fun!