Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh how I Love K-Mart Double Coupon Week!!

2 colgate toothpastes
8 colgate kids cartoon toothbrushes
4 packs pledge furniture wipes
2 pack cream savers
16 large tins of altoid mints
3 bottles of fancy shmancy hair mouse
2 bottles of hair spray
1 bottle of mens hair gel
$ 10.68 TOTAL

I will be hitting it again Wednesday after they restock!!

Coupons are the best!!!


Di said...

So glad you remembered you have a blog!!!!! Lauri, you're an inspiration to me!

2cooltwins said...

You are amazing Lauri!
I read your post and had to take a few coupons there myself. I got some free toothpaste and almost free candy but you made a haul.

Kirstin said...

Mick Dick has been bragging about you!!! :) You need to teach me... Where do I go to find the coupons? Is it a past post? Nice job.